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4 Jan
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Take 5: Month 1- The Kitchen

Last year, each month I posted a to-do list for 2012 from Get Organized Now. I still love them and highly recommend checking them out. This year I want to swap out how I plan my household to-do lists.  I want to give each room in my house equal amounts of love and opportunities for improvement. Each month I plan to write out 5 ways to improve each room in the 28/30/31 days.

For this month, I’m starting with the kitchen. This is the most complete room in my house and only needs some finishing touches. Here are 5 things I want to tackle:

1. Paint the ceiling

I repainted the room but some paint hit the ceiling. A good new coat should make the room look more complete.

2. Seal the grout

When I did all my tile I had to let the grout rest before sealing it. I think 6 months is plenty.

3. Clean out the fridge

Time to check those expiration dates and use up some condiments with some creative recipes.

4. Create a dog station

My dog Nova has a little corner of the room with a dog bowl but I think something that says she has her own little spot would be more than welcome

5. Un-Christmas the Kitchen

I still haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations from my ladder bookcase. In fact, the whole room has little touches of Christmas all around. It’s time to pack it all up and give my bookcase a new look.

What room of your house will get updated first in 2013?

2 Dec
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December Task List

We’re down to the last Get Organized Now calendar of the year. Next year I’ll have new way to tackle household projects. For now, here’s the last few tasks to try to get in before the year’s end.

Source: Hello, Cuteness

November was a busy month for me. I’ve successfully transitioned into my new job, I ran a 5K, I started on my fireplace and I managed to survive Thanksgiving. In December I’ve got one last 5K, some shopping to do (don’t we all!?), and I want to make a bigger dent in that fireplace. Plus I’ve got these items I want to get in too:

  • December 9: Shop local. Window shopping is okay, just make sure to do it with those you care about.
  • December 11: Start planning your Christmas menu and turn it into a Christmas grocery list.
  • December 18: Clean out the fridge. Eat all those leftovers and wipe down those shelves. Make sure you have plenty of space for all that food.
  • December 19: Write down what tasks need to be done before Christmas (like charging batteries or cleaning) and assign each task a day. Remember to embrace the fine art of delegation and don’t do it all yourself.
  • December 25: Enjoy your Christmas celebrations!
  • December 28: Find a place for all your new items. This is a great time to decide if you need to keep an older item you upgraded. Start prepping for your 2013 donations by rounding up all the excess.
  • December 31: Imagine what you want out of the next year. Don’t just make resolutions, make a plan that you can stick to.
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30 Oct
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November Task List

November already! This last month flew by. October was hot and cold, windy and sunny, and busy busy busy! This month I’ll be shopping for Christmas gifts (I hate the post-Thanksgiving crowds), stocking up my freezer, and transitioning to a new position at work. I’m not sure I’ll have time for too many projects but I will try my hardest to do what I can.


Source: Pickle Lady Farm

Last month I managed to tackle my closet, finish sorting through my clothing, do some restocking, and I’m working on eating the last of my frozen summer goods. The month ahead theoretically will also have a day trip and my first 5K race. I can’t wait to share some details! Here are this month’s Get Organized Now checklist items designed to keep me on track.

  • November 1: Have a fall cleanup day. Rake and sweep up all that debris. This is especially helpful considering the superstorm that some people are getting. You might want to bump this item down the list till all the wind in your area has passed.
  • November 4: Falling back means changing clocks and batteries. I also suggest using that extra hour for more sleep but if you insist on waking early, make yourself a warm breakfast.
  • November 6: Go vote! Do it! I highly suggest between 10 AM and noon or from 2-4 PM if you can. You’ll make my life easier if you do since I’ll be fixing voting equipment that day.
  • November 8: Time to plan your Thanksgiving meal. Call any hosts for meals you’ll be attending to confirm what to bring and how many to serve. Write down your ingredients, how long your dish will take to prepare and shop your sale ads. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite dishes that week in case you need any ideas.
  • November 18: Clean out any purses or bags. Include envelopes for receipts and coupons. Cut any coupons you need to get ready for Thanksgiving meal shopping or some fun on Black Friday.
  • November 22: Write down 10 things you are thankful for. You don’t need to share it but use the day to reflect.
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3 Oct
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October Task List

I’m back from my crazy long vacation and I hope to post some info on that as soon as I sort through my 1400 photos. Oh yeah, It was an awesome one. I’m quite a bit behind on chores but coming home to a clean house made it easier. I definitely miss having meals prepared for me and turndown service at night.

Source: Anything But Perfect- available for download

We’re into the last quarter of the year which means prepping for Christmas, winterproofing my house, and for my work to get crazy one last time. My real goal for the month is to lock up the last of my summer clothes and finish up all those 90% projects- you know, the ones that need just one last go to be fully completed. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race so choose a few items to tackle from this month’s Get Organized Now checklist and you’ll feel ahead of the game.

  • October 5: After a long week, enjoy your family with a fun family dinner. After heading back to work after 2 weeks of together time, it’ll be nice to relax together instead of giving into the jetlag.
  • October 13: Clear out those coats and accessories. Make sure all gloves have a match, toss anything you haven’t worn in a while (look for a winter clothing drive in your area!) and have all the next week’s items in a convenient grab-and-go spot.
  • October 16: If you haven’t already decorated for fall (I never do before October 1 but I’m slacking this year!) then put out some decor. Pumpkins are always a safe bet and will last you through Thanksgiving.
  • October 20: Outdoor cleanup time! According to the many tips you can find at www.archute.com, you can start by getting empty planters, trim back any plants that get a fall trimming and put away any lawn furniture before the winter snow and salt damages it. You should also clean your gutters and take a look at your roof with the help of a roofing contractor such as these professionals in Cornelia. If you need gutter cleaning or anything gutter-related, we install Bulldog Gutter Guards. You can learn more about roofing here.
  • October 22: Stock up on Halloween candy for those trick-or-treaters. I live in a neighborhood without many kids so I don’t see many besides some cute relatives but I’m always glad to have the leftovers.
  • October 24: Spend your entire evening offline and if you’re really daring, turn off all technology. Hang out with family and resist the urge to be introverted by reading. Play board games, talk about your day or just relax in silence.
  • October 29: Surprise your coworkers by bringing in a treat. Bagels, doughnuts, or flavored creamers for a coffee bar are always nice. You can add a fall twist by throwing some apple cider in a crockpot and serving with a cinnamon stick.
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3 Sep
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September Task List

I’m freaking out that it is already September. I lost a whole week in August when I got sick and I’m still moving very slowly as I recover. To top it all off, I have a huge trip coming up that I feel woefully unprepared for. I saw September 1 on my calendar and I started making list after list. I’m hoping I can at least tackle a few tasks from this month’s Get Organized Now checklist before I go too crazy.

Source: Anything But Perfect- available for download

This month I already tackled Day 1’s task of looking ahead at my calendar. I think that’s part of the problem. I think my best plan to prepare is to just try to think rationally. Easier said than done, right? Here’s what I’m looking at for my calendar.

  • September 2: Prepare a special dessert to be served for the Labor Day holiday. -This one is easy, I already bought supplies to make a peach cake I spotted over on Glori of Food.
  • September 5: Make DO/GO/CALL list. Perfect timing! Listing out the tasks in little pieces will not only keep me calm but it’ll be a great way for my husband to see where he can help out too.
  • September 9: Call the grandparents for Grandparents Day. I will be doing this though I hesitate to think what advice my grandma will tell me based on what she hears on Dr. Oz. I swear, Dr. Oz should be banned in that household because my grandma is always telling me the weirdest things.
  • September 15: Time swap sandals for boots. Do an inventory on all those Old Navy flip flops and toss the gross ones. Give your boots a shine before breaking them out.
  • September 20: Organize your baking supplies. This is a great time to restock before making Christmas cookies or to organize your baking tools.
  • September 23: Are you making enough time for you? If you don’t have a hobby (and TV watching isn’t going to count) then work on one. If you find yourself with too many hobbies, try to focus on just one for maximum relaxation. I sent my sewing machine upstairs so I can start focusing on Christmas crafting.
  • September 28: It’s apple season! Plan an apple picking trip or start setting aside your favorite apple recipes.
1 Aug
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August Task List

July was hot and long. I really hope August is a better month, how about you? With the changing of months you know that it’s time for the Get Organized Now checklist. Remember at the beginning of July when I said I was in the middle of a heatwave and planned to wait for a cool-down to do some work? HAHAHA! July was 9.5 degrees warmer than all other Julys in STL. I fear my flower garden may never get done.

august 2012
Source: Stylin’ Stix Studio- available for download

Even though I’m “thisclose” to giving up on my flower bed, I will still keep working on conquering some chores (including posting some catchup posts I owe you guys!) Can we just say this month is all about staying cool, both physically and mentally? Both my husband and I have huge projects that will require 12+ hour days on the same day, we’ll be finishing our C25K programs this month, and I’ve never heard so many prayers at church for rain. Let’s just take this month one day at a time.

  • August 6: Take an early morning walk around the neighborhood. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Have some fresh-squeezed juice when you get back.
  • August 8: Make some homemade ice cream. I have some frozen recipes you’ll enjoy.
  • August 13: Make a battery hub in your house. Test all the batteries, inventory your needs and add any replacements to your shopping list. If you need some batteries for your smoke detector, add them to your list.
  • August 18: Time to dust the top of your fridge and underneath it, including the coils. You’ll help improve efficiency and get rid of dirt that’s often forgotten. This reminded me to contact duct cleaning Melbourne for their services.
  • August 21: Themed dinner time! Make a giant batch of tacos in all sorts of meats and invite over lots of friends. Have each person bring over a topping and you’ll have an instant taco bar.
  • August 28: Organize all your pet supplies. Replace any broken leashes or collars and thoroughly clean all food and drink bowls.
  • August 31: You’ve survived the month! Go out shopping for a bunch of BBQ foods and enjoy the holiday weekend.
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2 Jul
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July Task List

It’s time once again for this month’s Get Organized Now checklist. Last month I feel like I got so much done but now I’m in a dreadful heat wave so I’ll only be working on indoor tasks until it cools down. That means I’ll be working on clearing out some old junk instead of pushing ahead on my flower garden but progress is progress.


July calendar
Source: Livy Love-Download the free monthly calendar

July is the start of the second half of the year, crazy right? I can’t believe 2012 is already half over. Treat this month as a good way to kickstart any projects you’ve been delaying. The list this month has a lot of ideas like washing drapes, rugs, screens, and under furniture so make sure to check the full list for all the forgotten chores. Here’s some of my favorites from the list:

  • July 4: Enjoy the holiday but be careful out there! I’m in a major drought so locals should avoid fireworks so we don’t end up with even more fires. Be careful on the roads too.
  • July 7: It’s probably time to take care of your plants. Pull back any dead parts, add more fertilizer, and see what’s working and what isn’t. The drought is causing all my plants to die and it’s a losing battle but I’m out there with my watering can every day trying to win the battle.
  • July 9: Restock all your cleaning supplies and paper goods. Decide if you really need 8 different containers for cleaning or if you can find a better multi-purpose cleaner or even a greener one.
  • July 12: Pull any stained or damaged clothing from your closet and drawers. Devote today to mending and some laundering. Don’t throw away shirts when all they need is a little work to make them like new again.
  • July 16: It’s about halfway through the summer season. Check if you need to restock any sunscreen, aloe, or even bug bite remedies.
  • July 20: Make some homemade lemonade. Sip it in the coolest room of your house and maybe even read a book while you do it.
  • July 24: Clear 10 files in your filing cabinet. Consider digitalizing some files like warranties or receipts for tax time.

How do you plan to stay cool this month?

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1 Jun
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June Task List

It’s time once again for this month’s Get Organized Now checklist. As usual I’m mapping out my favorites on the calendar and then scheduling all my other projects around their list. Up for me this month: finishing my closet, starting on my flower garden, and a lot of summer fun.

I wanted to share this great method of tackling these chores that Emily from Becoming the Wilmi has been doing. Each month she chooses 3 or more tasks from the list and blogs as she tackles them. I love how she uses her blog to keep herself accountable to each task. I had some issues keeping up last month so I just might follow her example.

June calendar

Source: Scout Creative-Download the free monthly calendar

June’s list seems to focus on recycling, repurposing, and reexamining what we own. Last June I did a huge purge of my house so I could probably use a yearly check-in so things don’t get out of hand. I also sold some items that still had value to scrap metal dealers. Here’s some of my top items to tackle this month:

  • June 2: Donation time! If you’re anything like me you have a few piles of goods to be donated. Books, electronics, clothing, household items–they all take up space. Clear some valuable real estate and do a good deed by packing it all up in your car and going on a donation spree. Better yet, see if a charity does pickups in your area.
  • June 10: Consolidating isn’t just about goods. Try to plan your day by taking as few trips out as possible. You’ll be more purposeful in your shopping trips and you’ll save gas, both leading to savings in the wallet.
  • June 11: Consolidate your cleaning approach. Break down your cleaning routine into 10-minute sequences. This way you won’t get overwhelmed with cleaning and you know that whatever you need cleaned it can be done in 10 minutes or less.
  • June 18: Eliminate superficial clutter. If you keep ads on the table to read for a week at a time you’re just wasting good deals and cluttering up your home. Learn how to decide “trash or keep” with just a glance so you don’t waste time making so many little decisions.
  • June 23: Today’s the day to tackle desk clutter. Throw out old pens, toss those scrap notes that mean nothing and clear your workspace.
  • June 30: Clean out your fridge. Now you’ll be ready for all your 4th of July foods. Here’s some tips for cooking with the odds and ends you find in your fridge.

How do you make time for the little things?

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30 Apr
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May Task List

This time last year I was on my way to Mexico and instead now I’m back at home working on about 10 projects at once. It’s easy to get caught up on yardwork this time of year and forget about keeping up with all the little things. So once again I’m relying on this month’s Get Organized Now checklist to keep the inside of my house looking as nice as the outside.

I’m mapping out my favorites on the calendar and then scheduling all my other projects around their list. Up for me this month: work on the fireplace makeover on rainy days and work on a second flower bed on sunny days. I also want to keep some balance in my life so I plan on visiting the park and going on a picnic this month.

may calendar
Source: Vintage Sterling Silver May 1964 Calendar Charm Pendant via The Copper Cat Vintage Jewelry

May seems to be focusing on balance in the checklist and that’s perfect for my life right now. Some of my top tasks for May from the checklist include:

  • May 1: I love this suggestion from the list- go on a negative energy scavenger hunt. It’s so open-ended but the gist is to walk your home and find things that give you a negative feeling. This could mean clutter stacks, that burnt out lightbulb you keep ignoring, a spot of paint needing to be touched up or even a spot that could just use an ounce of brightness.
  • May 3: Take a new approach when doing tasks. Before starting on a project ask if it brings you closer to the goals for your home. If yes- do it! If no- ask yourself why you are doing it. It’s really easy to get caught up in the idea of having some sort of “perfect” home after seeing staged home on Pinterest, other blogs, or in magazines. Prioritize your energy and happiness.
  • May 4: On the opposite end, do a positive scavenger hunt. Find objects that make you happy and feature them. If you love an accessory try to feature it and hide or donate the objects that you don’t need.
  • May 13: Do something for Mother’s Day. Some moms want everyone around, some want a day to relax so find what’s best for you.
  • May 16: Plan out the meals for the rest of the month. Stock up and avoid the grocery store as much as possible. Try living out of your pantry or fridge to clear your fridge out. That way you’ll have space available right in time for planning a big Memorial Day bash.
  • May 24: Organize your car and find a place to store all emergency equipment. Clearing space will mean you have more space to haul items.
  • May 28: Enjoy Memorial Day weekend with a picnic in the park, a parade, or spending time with family.

If you’re local to St. Louis, here’s a list of my Top 10 Things to Do in St. Louis for May. There’s so many festivals going on this month you definitely won’t be bored in the city.

What’s your must-do task for May?

2 Apr
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April Task List

How is it April already? I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of a way through the year. It got warm so fast I had to jump out to tend my beast of a yard instead of finishing indoor renovations so I feel behind but also ahead. Thankfully, I’m back with this month’s Get Organized Now checklist to keep me on track.

I’m mapping out my favorites on the calendar and then scheduling all my other projects around their list including the visit to Area rugs Charlotte to get new carpets for the house. Up for me this month: building a new flower bed, planting tons of plants, and if I have any more 90 degree days I’m just going to sit inside and work on my fireplace instead. I can’t handle this anymore!

Source: Downloadable Desktop via Your Little Birdie

Some of my top tasks for April from the checklist include:

  • April 11: Get outdoor furniture ready and clean for the season. Celebrate with an outdoor dinner and BBQ.
  • April 18: Consider getting your carpets cleaned with professional carpet cleaning services. If winter and spring did damage this will pretty them up before all your summer gatherings.
  • April 20: Scan your documents into the computer and shred them. I’m considering getting this mobile scanner and limiting myself to just a few file folders. A girl can dream!
  • April 21: Wash the windows! It’ll brighten up your whole house. Check out this post on Curbly for window cleaning tips and average rates for hiring a pro to do it for you.
  • April 23: Inventory kitchen supplies. Donate duplicates and buy replacements for all those melted or damaged tools.
  • April 26: Review your insurance policies and make sure you have enough coverage. In my college torts class I learned just how important things like underinsured driver coverage and medpay can be in an accident that isn’t your fault. I actually changed my policy after that one class and it cost me only a meal out a year to protect ourselves. I don’t work insurance but I’ve seen firsthand how being underinsured doesn’t pay when you’re the victim.

If you’re local to St. Louis, here’s a list of my Top 10 Things to Do in St. Louis for April. Lots of sporting events, Swan Lake, a Scottish festival, Earth Day, and even a way to give back to the community.

What’s your must-do task for April?

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