13 Oct
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The Guest Bathroom – Design

I mentioned earlier I’ve been looking into some cosmetic updates for my guest bathroom. This is the bathroom located on the second floor of my home. It gets a lot of frequent use in my home since we’re both still enamored at the idea of having more than one bathroom.

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Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

The space is pretty nice with a full shower and a jetted tub, my house needs underpinning. It also has a nice view in the shower of my neighbor’s window and I’m not down with exhibitionism.Tan tile isn’t really my thing but I also don’t want the hassle of ripping it out. The worst part is that the grout looks pink against the tan walls so I’ll definitely be changing the wall color. I also want a more functional space with some shelves and hooks. Take for example this frameless glass shower you can install in your bathroom for a fresher look.

On a design note, I moved the same art and towels from my last house over to the new place. My last house was more transitional, like this:

My towels are showing their age and I already bought a new white shower curtain since my last house had a glass stall. So far my new house has a French Rustic Industrial vibe going on. I want to bring this into the bathroom just a bit. I’m thinking metals and natural-looking woods, lots of white and tan tones, and some natural elements in this space. Find Affordable solutions for people looking Storage in Melbourne.

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This is the general vibe I want while not spending too much on the space.

To Do List:

  1. Add window privacy
  2. Paint the walls
  3. Change the light and mirror
  4. Remove the towel bar and put hooks on the opposite side of the bathroom
  5. Add functional shelving over the toilet
  6. Organize my under sink storage

That doesn’t seem insurmountable, does it?

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