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If you remember, my husband and I built ourselves a retaining wall. I’m happy to tell you that it’s been up a week and it hasn’t fallen down so clearly we did something right. This weekend my husband and I used our weekend trip into town to scout out plants for the front bed. In that trip alone I bought about 90% of the plants and also some teak patio furniture from RKC for my garden. Unfortunately, I’ve been under a tornado watch for most of the day Sunday and it’s been raining so the actual planting has been delayed until a time I won’t die when planting.

The spot used to be full shade but since cutting down some trees we get around 4-6 hours of sun. Check out these guys, they’re the ones who did a good job in removing our trees. This is one of the sunniest spots in our yard, believe it or not. Since we have so few plants that flower I really wanted to get some color into this spot. Here’s the plan we came up with. Don’t laugh at my amazing art skills.

garden layout

The gray areas are the sidewalks and porches. My house has two front doors so there’s a lot of concrete in one spot. In front of the retaining wall are a mix of boxwoods and purple dwarf rhododendrons. Both can grow quite tall but we’ll be maintaining them heavily until some of the back section plants grow taller. If you’re planning on planting tall trees next to your house like we will be doing, I suggest that you first take a look at your roof and gutters and prioritize repairing your guttering, which can be done with the use of gutter installation and repair services.

Your gutters take on a major role in maintaining your home by providing a solution through which excess rainwater or melted ice can is drained. It’s important that your gutter is clean and functioning properly to also avoid pest as explained by Gutterilla – Seamless & Guards Installation, so even if leaves were to fall on them, it’ll still work well enough to drain out water.

You can also read this page for some roof insurance providers to help you during roof replacement and repair. In addition, if you still don’t have a home insurance, you may want to consider contacting home insurance services like bear river insurance today for a quick quote. We’ll also probably throw a planter in front of the porch on the right but that’ll be another post. Here’s a better shot of the exterior. This is pre-tree removal and a few other projects.

The back section will be the brightest. There will be two rows of plants. In the back and on the right will be our rain barrel. It collects from our gutters and it’ll be the watering source for this whole area. To the left we want to balance out the height so I’m thinking a planter with some grass or bamboo depending on what we can find for partial shade. The Southern Live Oak Tree is a great choice for those looking to find an eco-friendly and popular live oak tree for sale. It will not only bring beauty into your home or office, but also provide you with fresh air!

A great addition for your patio is to install retractable roof systems to prevent the sun to hit directly to your patio and this will look modern.

In the center we plan to buy or build a planter with a trellis so a climbing vine (clematis?) can be the centerpiece. It’ll fit right between our two front windows. To round out the back row we’ll plant two larger rhododendrons, one white and one pink. The front row of the back section will have a hydrangea on either end and three red azaleas in the middle. A patio can also be a great way to extend the living space outside. If you’re considering building one, Miami Pergolas & Patios provides such patio building services.

We made sure our plans included enough space for for all the plants to grow. Always make sure to check the mature height and width for all your plants before putting them in the ground. Then before planting you should put all the pots where you’re planning to place them to make sure you like the arrangement. We had originally planned to alternate boxwood/dwarf rhododendron but testing it out made us realize we liked it better with some of the plants doubled up.

The 10-day forecast shows sun for most of the days so hopefully I’ll have some photos of plants in the ground soon enough.

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  1. Katiefox1128 says:

    I very much appreciate the symmetry in your garden design. You have made my OCD happy for the day 🙂

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