15 Feb
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Magic Onions

I’m sure many of you have seen the pin on Pinterest about the magic regrowing onions. You know, this one:


I’ve seen a lot of pins that end up being too good to be true so I wanted to test this one and see how good it was. So after I used up the entire tops of some green onions making a meal for the Chinese New Year, I popped the bulbs into a glass and added a cup of water. I wasn’t a believer but they were just going to end up in the trash so why not try?

I woke up the next morning and gave it a look. WOW! That was just 12 hours and my onions were already shooting up. It took about 7 days but they were right back to the old height.

Some Tips

  • Change the water daily. It will start to stink fast.
  • After 14 days if you still haven’t used the onions then place them in a plastic bag in your fridge so they don’t get out of control.
  • You can reuse the bulbs multiple times. The bulbs do get fatter so just cut a bulb in half if it gets too big.

Onions don’t cost a ton but I save the most on time, I don’t find myself needing to run to the store for a single ingredient when I can grow it in my Missouri kitchen in the middle of winter.

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  • Serendipityandspice

    This is fantastic! I had to pin it- I hate realizing that I need some green onions and am all out. This really is a time saver! Thanks!!

  • Abzillarawr

    I have been doing this for years now!! I also live in MO and its nice to have them right to hand! I keep them in old, neat looking coke bottles in my kitchen window. SO cute!!

  • momo

    Hi! How much sun are these getting? Are they in a window box? Or do you set these outside? This is a great idea and I have lots of leftover onion bulbs I needed to use up!

    • I placed this right on my kitchen counter which is below a window and they’re inside. I keep the blinds open when I’m home so maybe 4 hours of sun a day? and they just shot right up.

  • Julie Spears

    What a great idea! I use green onion a lot so this will definitely help. Thanks for sharing this one.

  • Fran

    When I cannot be bothered to remember to change the water, etc I just replant them in the garden and they regrow there as long as it is the right time of year.

  • Jen

    I cut a green onion down to the whites, and wondered if I could regrow them. Now I know! Thanks! 🙂