Another month

My life hasn’t seemed that blogworthy lately. It’s been hard adjusting to 2013, a year where I seem to be sick or exhausted at every turn. I promise to try to make more of an effort if you promise not to judge my lapses and lack of major DIY. With spring coming I’m hoping to escape the house soon and get out in the yard. Right now my yard is filled with 6 inches of snow being rained on and snow is about 20 minutes away again. Last year at this time I was regretting not already planting grass so my March 1 deadline for 2013 seems a bit off. I’ll let you know when I get there.


So what has my life been like lately? Full of work. I’m really trying to reshape my department at the job I don’t blog about and I have tons of ideas. Since I don’t want to share details of my work too much (don’t want to lose this job!) I’ll share some highlights of my day that I kept inside my head without any real details.

  • While reviewing old files came across what looked like black mold. Sneezed. Worried this means I’m dead and realized dead people shouldn’t be worrying.
  • Went to a higher-ranked person with a file and got this as an exact answer “I promise to look up that thing you asked and give you a vague and confusing answer” and then 4 hours later he delivered exactly what was promised.
  • Spent 20 minutes discussing why my software cannot work more than 2 weeks in a row with my tech consultant buddy. He gave a lot of tech speak but I think it was something like “we do not want you to achieve greatness” which I get. Don’t want to make everyone else look bad.
  • Found a dead spider in another file. Wondered if this was better/worse than mold. Then realized file should be in a different location and sent it on its way. Yes, with the spider inside. No one will ever open it and if they do they will remember why they shouldn’t have.
  • Work. Lots of work. No details here because it makes my eyes glass over so yours will too.

Then I went home, dreamed my software worked and then for what seemed like hours I input data into that software. I used to dream these outrageous things like my dog was on trial for being Fidel Castro and now I dream about filing and typing numbers. I really need to get back to a hobby.

I do have some crafty ideas. I’ve bought some pots for a garden decoration, I’ve bought what might be the beginnings of a Mother’s Day gift idea, and tomorrow I’ve got a special pork loin recipe that just might make the cut. I don’t cook dinner that often now since I arrive home last in the evenings. I usually prep the meal while Daniel cooks it. I’m a bit of a control freak (and I don’t want to do burgers and Easy Mac 5x/week). Sometimes I just let him run wild and he’s been getting very creative. He’s taken to watching America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country and I’m hearing requests for gumbo or being advised on the proper knife techniques. I won’t complain if he makes dishes like the maple mustard salmon he made a bit ago.

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  1. Emily Wilmes says:

    I would be interested in your pork loin recipe. I made one last week following a recipe on the package and once it started cooking in the oven, I was about ready to gag. Not sure if it is the pregnancy thing or if it was really that bad. My husband ate it 3 times and swore it was good, but I couldn’t even get myself to try a bite. I’m willing to try again if it is Julie-approved. 🙂

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